Previous Fogelson Library Research Award Recipients


Congratulations to our previous award winners! In right to left order are our Fogelson Library Research Award Winners: Leland Mark, Brian Owen, Sango Imai-Hall, Nicholas Cueto, Bryce Chismire, Mickel Estrada, Bryanna Aguilar, Sedona Walker-Morrissey, Elizabeth Leonard, Issac Leigh, Jennifer Rapinchuk, Marisa Doherty, Austin Hanna, Anthony Liparulo, and Crystal Lynam.


The Fogelson Library Research Award Committee acknowledges outstanding achievements in academic research at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Papers submitted for consideration must demonstrate:

  • original thinking established in the thesis statement and supported throughout the paper
  • discourse between original writing and relevant scholarship
  • application of scholarly resources, including books, journals, and peer reviewed articles, in research process
  • evidence of extensive engagement with Fogelson Library print and electronic resources on works cited page

Two submissions per class may be made by research and writing course instructors. The papers should be turned in to Hideki Nakazono and should include a filled out copy of the Paper Submission form. 

The Research Paper Award is sponsored by the Friends of the Fogelson Library. There will be a first, second, and third place winner. Each winner will receive a cash prize:

First Place: $300 

Second Place: $200 

Third Place: $100 

In addition to the the cash prize, each award recipient will be honored with a photograph hung on the Fogelson Library Wall of Award Winners, and will be able to include the honor on their curriculum vitae, resume, and graduate school applications. SUBMISSIONS

Research Papers will be collected at the end of both the Fall and Spring semesters, however, research papers submitted in the Spring will be considered during the following Fall's selection process.

The submission dead lines are:

Fall 2016: Friday, December 30th at 5PM

Spring 2017: TBA

To be eligible for consideration for the Fogelson Library Research Paper Award, the candidate must be a current student at Santa Fe University of Art and Design and have written an original research paper for a course taken in the academic year of the award. 

Submitting a paper:

  • Attach a copy of the Research Paper Submission Form, filled out and signed by both the student and instructor, to the final draft of the research paper.
  • Turn in the form with the paper to the Fogelson Library Circulation Desk or to the Library Director, Margaret Van Dyk, by the submission deadline date.

Before submitting a paper be sure:

  • There is proper use of  MLA formatting and citation style. (A student may meet with a librarian or instructor, prior to turning in their paper for consideration, to have it checked for proper MLA style. Significant points will be deducted for lack of proper formatting and citations. 
  • Library resources are reflected on the works cited page (we encourage at least four scholarly sources).