Course reserves is a service we offer to faculty to ensure that all students have access to class materials. You may place hardcopy materials on reserve for one semester. These reserved materials are accessed at the circulation desk, and may be checked out by students for up to two hours in the library. They cannot be taken out of the library.

Course reserves materials include books, periodicals, audio and visual material, art or art prints, and printed syllabi. As a faculty member, you may bring personal copies of these materials to be placed on reserve. If Fogelson has a copy of the material you wish to use, you may locate it in our collection and bring it to the circulation desk to be processed and put on the reserves shelf.

Please remember that if you place personal copies on reserve these copies must be picked up at the end of the semester. Otherwise, they may be absorbed into Fogelson's collection.

Contact  Margaret Van Dyk with any additional questions about course reserves, or visit or call (505-473-6569) the circulation desk.

Course Reserves Policy

Fogelson Library Reserve Policy

Items are placed on Reserve in order to facilitate fair access to required course materials. These materials may be from the library's collection or from a faculty member's personal collection.

Physical course reserves are located behind the circulation desk. They check out for two hours, and must be used inside the library.

Questions regarding course reserves should be directed to:

Margaret Van Dyk, 505 / 473 - 6960


If the materials are from the library's collection, the instructor must locate them, and bring them to the circulation desk. If unavailable, a student, departmental assistant, or other faculty member may be designated to pull reserve materials. Our catalog can be searched online @

Personal items may simply be brought to the circulation desk.

When dropping off reserves materials, please attach the following required information for their processing. Otherwise, the items cannot be placed on reserve.

Instructor’s name, Instructor’s contact information, Course name, Course number.

Some instructors also choose to place a copy of the course syllabus and/or a list of required assignments on reserve. This can be very helpful.


Throughout the duration of fall and spring semesters, reserves are processed Monday through Friday in the order they are received.

Course reserves items must be brought to the desk to be processed at least two weeks prior to the date they are assigned.

In order to ensure that reserves will be available on the first day of class, reserves must be submitted by the following deadlines:

Fall semester: August 15th

Spring semester: December 19th 

Personal items:

Personal items intended for course reserves may be left in the book-drop as long as a note detailing the instructor’s name and contact information, course name, and course number is securely attached.

Personal items placed on reserve may become lost or damaged by students. Fogelson Library is not responsible for these items, and is unable to replace them.

Personal items must be retrieved from the library by the last day of the semester. Remaining course reserves may be absorbed into the library’s collection.

If faculty members are unable to pick these materials up by the end of the semester, they will be held for up to a month if a written request is emailed.


All photocopies/other reproductions from a larger volume must have references to the published work cited on the first page of the item.

Instructors that have submitted items with incorrect or illegible citations, or without citations, will be notified. If the correct citations have not been produced within two weeks library staff will dispose of the materials.

Without expressed desire to the contrary, photocopied materials and their duplicates placed on physical reserve will be disposed of at the semester’s end.